Our brand identity 

Our logo is an important element of our visual identity.

It signifies our status as a part of the ACT Government
and it must be used on all public facing material.

Head to our Guidelines page to find out more.


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A type to inspire and a typeface to build trust.

Typography is a big part of the City Renewal Authority brand identity.
Circular is a friendly geometric sans-serif that conveys warmth with sophistication. This should only be used on major marketing and design items.  At all other times, or when unavailable it's best to use the ACT Government typeface standards.  

Use Montserrat for headings, pull out text and titles.

Body copy should be written in Source Sans Pro. 
Montserrat is a free open licence font and can be downloaded from Google. 
When using Montserrat it's important that all applications should be modified to reflect the 2017 ACT Government Design & Brand Guidelines. Available HERE

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City Renewal Authority name

Never abbreviate City Renewal Authority

It's important when making statements to refer to the City Renewal Authority in full. We must never be referred to as CRA. 

ACT Government | City Renewal Authority logo

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A mark of authenticity, the logo’s value relies on consistent and correct application. 

Only official versions of the logos should be used.

In common with other ACT Government directorates, our logos feature the ACT Coat of Arms. As such, the use is governed by guidelines issued by the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Department directorate. 

For more information, visit: www.act.gov.au/branding

Our logo, wordmark and badge

Correctly and consistently applying these elements will bring visual unity to our communication products. Once established, it will project a coherent image of a sophisticated, progressive authority. It will make it easier for the public to identify City Renewal Authority material and position it as energetic, exciting and people-focused.

By downloading any of the assets below you agree to abide by the City Renewal Authority's brand guidelines. 

You know the rules, you've got the icons, now for the next step


We've developed a tonne of resources that will help you capture the look and feel of City Renewal Authority. From writing a letter, to making a postcard, or finding that just right image for your cover page, it's all here.