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All the items below are generic templates.  Different companies print in different sizes, and social media sites have a habit of changing sizes every six months to keep their platforms "fresh", so use this information as a guide.

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Social media banners and tiles (PSD)

The old adage a picture tells a thousand words is now truer than ever in the digital age. People connect far better with images on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. You can advertise through posts with images, videos, and text. It is cost-effective and simple with advanced targeting and huge user-bases.


If you’re hosting an event, consider creating a Facebook event page, The linked design file will help you set your image, so it works across all the devices possible.

And remember social media will punish your reach if more than 1/3 of your image is text, so keep text small but legible.

City Renewal Authority logos (all RGB)

We love supporting grants and ensuring the integrity of your project but there are some rules.

The main rule is that our logo is our mark of authenticity. The logo’s value relies on consistent and correct application. Only official versions of the logos should be used.

In common with other ACT Government directorates, our logos feature Canberra's Coat of Arms. As such, the use is governed by guidelines issued by the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Department directorate. For more information, visit:


Oh, and do let us know if you need CMYK logos.

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Visual identity and printing (big stuff)

The poster isn’t dead yet!


We still believe it’s a fantastic way to promote your event. We recommend A3 as great size to command attention. 

Try to keep details to a minimum, push a maximum impact visual and talk to businesses near your project to see if they will put a poster in their window.


Be sure to check out the rules around roadside signage. Another great way to advertise, but it is time limited and the rules are strict, so be careful!


Finally, and most importantly, don't forget your visual identity when you kick off. Don't forget the importance of recognition, whether to attract passers-by to your event on the day by using signage or giving people reference to find you later. 

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Postcards and letterbox drops (small stuff)

Still print, but slightly different.

One of the best methods for advertising is to put something in the hands of your people.


If you have a specific location where your audience may reside consider a letterbox drop with an A5 flyer. 


Postcards are also cheap to produce in large numbers.  Be sure to use an awesome image on the front, so people want to pick it up, and include all the key information on the back.