Promotional ideas

Need some ideas on how to get the word out about your awesome project? Look no further.

Making sure people know about your project, event or activity can be half the battle in ensuring it’s a major success. That’s why it’s important to put in the hard work early in planning, implementing and managing your promotion to get the results and widespread awareness your project deserves.

The list below is just a snapshot to inspire you.  They work best when used well in advance of the start date of your project - the earlier the better!

Depending on how big your project, event or activity is, a website can be a useful tool.  It can be used to house important information, gain online exposure and can be a hub to direct your audience for further details. 


Websites can be particularly useful when promoting across other channels that don’t allow for lengthy content pieces like social media and print.


You don’t need to be across every channel on social media but it’s worth considering what channel will work best for your target audience. Social media is free, easy and a simple way to share bite-sized pieces of content with people.

If you’re hosting an event, consider creating a Facebook event. What’s more, if you add @cityrenewalCBR as a co-host then all of our 11,000 followers will automatically receive a notification letting them know your event is on.  Consider a hashtag so that people can search it when looking for information about your event/project.

Social media

Social media advertising is online advertising on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.


You can advertise through posts with images, videos and text. It is cost-effective and simple with advanced targeting and huge user-bases.

Social media advertising

A media release is a written communication that reports specific information about an event, activity or other happening. Write a media release to send out to media outlets like The Canberra Times, ABC Canberra, HerCanberra, RiotACT, Canberra Weekly, City News, WIN News and Nine News.

Start the media release with the most important information at the top, explaining what, when, who, where and why.  It should only be a single page and should include a catchy headline. You can find most of the generic email addresses on their websites.

Media release

Not only is it polite to let surrounding businesses know that you will be hosting an event or activity in their area, it may also open promotional doors for you. The business may be keen to get involved, or willing to promote your event in their store.

Speak to surrounding businesses

There are heaps of places you can register your project but start with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. This is a database that many of Australia’s tourism operators use to easily promote their business or events across numerous digital platforms. It populates several popular websites like Visit Canberra and mobile phone apps.

Register your project

Place posters and/or postcards in cafes, restaurants or any other relevant business. 

These are a cost effective way of reaching a wide audience.

They make quick, immediate visual impressions on your target market and offer continuous exposure – people will see your posters for as long as you leave them hanging.

Posters and postcards

With Google AdWords you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advert and is re-directed to your website. It’s free to create ads, you can create as many as you want and choose relevant key words. You can then set your own budget and modify this along the way.

Tip: the higher you set your bid, the more likely it is that your ad will be placed highly in the Google search rankings. 

Google AdWords

Attract passers-by to your event on the day by using signage. This is particularly effective if your event or activity is across many days. There's heaps of resources on our design page that will help you with this.

Event signage

If your audiences reside in a specific location, consider a letterbox drop. It's a fantabulous way to put your collateral into the hands of potential supporters to your project.

Letterbox drop