Good friends toolkit

Congratulations on joining us on our journey, and welcome to your toolkit! 


Reminiscent of the relationship between Buzz and Woody—you've got a friend in me. 


We’re excited to have you on board  making our city precinct a vibrant destination.

See below a handy list of tools to help guide you at the start of your journey.

There are three tools in this kit.  Start with our background to get to know the City Renewal Authority a little more.  Once you've made it through this kit, you'll be well on your way ensuring your work is in line with our goals and vision for the city.

When working with City Renewal Authority brand it's important to understand our vision and our mission. 


It informs how we act and how we want to be perceived in our journey to create a vibrant city heart through the delivery of design-led, people focused urban renewal.


The following page should give you a feel of who we are.  If you're still a little unsure or need more information download our 2025 Strategic Plan 



Step 1:
Get to know us

Tone of voice isn’t what we say, but how we say it. It’s the language we use, the way we construct sentences and the personality we communicate.

Here at the City Renewal Authority we’ve got a friendly, go get ‘em attitude. We write with inclusive, colourful language and prefer to use an informal tone most of the time.

Above all, what’s most important to us is that our communication is clear and easy to understand.

Editorial style guide

Step 2:

Talk this way

This section outlines the guidelines and principles for

using the City Renewal Authority brand.  The design guidelines explain how our brand must be used.  


If you're producing work on our behalf, then use of the visual identity is mandatory. Check out the toolbox which is full of handy templates to use.


If you require a more detailed outline please get in touch with our team on the support page.

Design guidelines

Step 3:

Walk this way