Working with us

This guide will help you understand  City Renewal Authority a little more.

When working with the City Renewal Authority brand it's important to understand our mission. It informs how we act and how we want to be perceived on our journey to create a vibrant city heart through the delivery of design-led, people focused urban renewal.


First things first, before doing anything get to know us.

Our vision is to make our precinct the vital heart of a dynamic and internationally competitive city, cherished by its people.

We will contribute to economic growth and diversity to Canberra's city community by delivering, people focused, design-led, sustainable and commercially astute projects and programs using sound management processes. 



our city is creative

We support and promote the Canberra creative sector by including art and culture in our major projects

We know the arts enrich people’s lives and play a major role in uniting communities, activating public spaces, promoting investment, boosting tourism and lifting economic activity.  All our projects, including the City Grants program, focus on generating and inspiring creativity and vitality within Canberra’s city centre.

our city is active

We activate our city precinct through
best-practice place making that embraces
a community focused approach

This is being delivered to Canberrans through the City Place Activation Strategy and the Public Realm Improvement Program which, in combination, enliven our city.

our city is a community

Canberra is a city for people

Our community is the critical partner in everything we do.  We are securing, renewing and strengthening partnerships between community, industry and stakeholders to make the precinct full of places we can all use, enjoy and be proud of.

our city is sustainable

We are committed to positive economic, social and environmentally sustainable outcomes for Canberra.

As we renew the urban environment we will support greenhouse gas emissions targets, promote innovative building and good urban design, nurture social connectedness and a more equitable city.

our city is connected

We believe in design and development that puts people at the centre of our work.

Our city meets people’s needs and is a place to spend time and connect with others.  It is easy and convenient to move around and encourages active travel.  We are committed to shaping the growth of Canberra to make it the premier place to connect us to each other.

our city is progressive

We want the best for our city to achieve its full potential.

We will be a champion of excellence and innovation. We will collaborate with community, business and government to create a re-energised precinct in Canberra that is sustainable, liveable and attractive.  We will use new and emerging technologies to improve quality of life.