Design guidelines

This section outlines the guidelines and principles for using the City Renewal Authority brand identity. 


Use of the identity is mandatory for all City Renewal Authority communication materials.


Get in touch with us on the support page if you need a more detailed outline.

ACT Government | City Renewal Authority logo

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A mark of authenticity, the logo’s value relies on consistent and correct application. 

Only official versions of the logos should be used.

In common with other ACT Government directorates, our logos feature the Canberra Coat of Arms. As such, the use is governed by guidelines issued by the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Department directorate. 

For more information, visit:


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A type to inspire and a typeface to build trust.

Typography is a big part of the City Renewal Authority brand identity.
Circular is a friendly geometric sans-serif that conveys warmth with sophistication. This should only be used on major marketing and design items. Get in touch with the City Renewal Authority's comm's team for more information.


At all other times, or when unavailable it's best to use the ACT Government typeface standards.  Use Montserrat for headings, pull out text and titles.

Body copy should be written in Source Sans Pro. 

Montserrat is a free open licence font and can be downloaded from Google. 
When using Montserrat it's important that all applications should be modified to reflect the 2017 ACT Government Design & Brand Guidelines. Available HERE

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City Renewal Authority name

Never abbreviate City Renewal Authority

It's important when making statements to refer to the City Renewal Authority in full. We must never be referred to as CRA. 

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Our templates

The quickest way to look like us

There is a range of templates for you to use when preparing documents for us. They're all available online, but if you need help finding something or navigating get in touch with our comm's team. (The ZIPs are packaged so we recommend starting there).


Our image library

Images from in and around our precinct

We've hundreds of images available to use, with varying degrees of permission, so feel free to look through our library. When you find images you like, note down the file name and request use through our comm's team. You must never publish any image from our library without our direct consent or for any use that isn't directly for the City Renewal Authority.

The next thing you'll need to know is how to work with our brand. 

Below is a list of the most common dos and don'ts you'll need to know.


Make space around the City Renewal Authority brand.

Any City Renewal Authority assets require padding to keep them clear and uncluttered.


Use City Renewal Authority's colours. 

Our colour palette features vibrant colours that balance energy and credibility.


Colour usage should meet WCAG colour contrast guidelines to a AA standard.


Maintain a minimum print size of 15mm.


Maintain the shape and proportion of each of City Renewal Authority brand assets and reproduce assets at a legible size


Apply the City Renewal Authority logo.

All project material paid for, or associated as works of the City Renewal Authority must feature our lock up logo.


Put the City Renewal Authority logo first.


The logo must take priority of place, unless contractually stated otherwise. 

As a general rule, priority is based on top to bottom, left to right.

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Things to avoid

Do not

Assert rights over the City Renewal Authority brand.

Whether by trademark registration, domain name registration or anything else.

Do not


Never use the logo on an image or background that is either busy or similar in colour to our logo. 

Do not

Rotate or skew.

Never rotate off a 90 degree axis, skew, squash or alter our logo in any way. 

Only use logos supplied in the official logoset.

Do not


Do not add virtual embellishments like embossment, 3D versions or heavy drop shadows.